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Interview On Judith Regan's Sirius/XM Show
About the Sandy Hook tragedy
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Therapy with the right person can make a real, life changing difference...

Honest dialogue with a trained listener/guide can open your mind to new ways of thinking, seeing, feeling, and being.  Or just help you work through a problem, change a habit, accept a challenge, or find a way to fix a situation.  Interesting or disturbing dreams? Let's take a look.

I integrate psychodynamic, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral techniques. I have found that this is an effective and flexible way to help you incorporate self-awareness and the capacity for productive change. We can go deep, enhance creativity, or focus on symptoms, behavior and thinking patterns - it starts with honest, interesting dialogue, based on trust and respect.

Appointments are available at either of my Long Island offices. In some cases, sessions can take place over the phone and by web chat, with e-mail support if you wish. A free first phone consult can help you to feel comfortable with your decision.

If you live on Long Island, or have access to a phone, web chat, or e-mail, let's talk. 
Ph: 631-470-0749
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